Reducing environment risk — how local CSPs can supplement and replace hyperscalers

September 6, 2023
Fredric Wallsten / Johan Christenson / Henrik Grankvist

In this episode of Sovereign DBaaS Decoded, host Vinay Joosery dives deep into the intricacies of the Swedish cloud space with a distinguished panel: Fredric Wallsten from Safespring, Johan Christenson of Cleura, and Henrik Grankvist from Elastx. The trio brings a wealth of knowledge, discussing the pressing need for enterprises to diversify their cloud infrastructure and reduce their environment risks.

The conversation shifts to the advantages of local cloud service providers. Fredric, Johan, and Henrik highlight how these providers can effectively supplement or even replace the dominant hyperscalers in the market. They emphasize the unique value propositions local providers bring, from tailored solutions to enhanced data sovereignty and security.

Concluding the discussion, the panelists share insights on the evolving landscape of cloud services in Sweden. They underscore the importance of collaboration, innovation, and sustainability in driving the future of cloud computing in the region, and beyond.

Key Insights

Europe’s Struggle in the Cloud Space

Johan Christenson highlights the cultural and commercialization challenges Europe faces in the cloud domain. Despite having funding and technological advancements, Europe struggles to commercialize innovations from universities and research institutions. The continent has become accustomed to relying on US-based services, leading to a potential knowledge gap in understanding the full stack required for advancements like AI.

The Need for Diverse Cloud Providers

Vinay Joosery touches on the CIOs’ desire to streamline their number of providers for ease of management. However, the consensus is that enterprises should engage with multiple cloud vendors to avoid over-reliance on a single provider, ensuring robustness and flexibility in their operations.

Risks of Sole Reliance on One Country’s Ecosystem

The discussion delves into the potential risks of relying solely on one country’s cloud ecosystem. With Europe’s heavy reliance on US-based cloud services, there are implications for data sovereignty, geopolitical influences, and potential disruptions in service. The need for a diverse set of providers, both local and international, becomes evident.

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Name: Fredric Wallsten / Johan Christenson / Henrik Grankvist
What he does: Managing Director / Founder and VP Innovation / COO
Website: Safespring / Cleura / Elastx
Noteworthy: Fredric Wallsten: Founder of Safespring, focused on compliance, open standards, and security since 2014. / Henrik Grankvist: Swedish cloud provider passionate about cloud technologies with over 15 years in the space. / Johan Christenson: Founder of Cleura, dedicated to modern infrastructure, automation, and navigating complex laws for a decade.
You can find Fredric Wallsten / Johan Christenson / Henrik Grankvist on : Fredric: LinkedIn / Johan: LinkedIn / Henrik: LinkedIn