We’re Severalnines

Self-funded and with founders who’ve been in the database industry since 2001, we built our credibility around open-source database operations as a result of our values-driven approach in building products that deliver Wow! moments to our customers and the exceptional team that delivers them.

We’re Severalnines

Values, open-source, innovation

Driven by values

  • Team first
  • High standards
  • Extreme ownership
  • Pragmatic creativity
  • Sincerity

Committed to open-source

Founded by ex-MySQLers, we’re not only committed to the promise of open-source, but its spirit, which is why we do things like offer a free tier, present at open-source events, and build products that enable people to employ OS databases anywhere.

Driving innovation

Whether we’re talking about the class of its own ClusterControl or the next step in DBaaS, Sovereign DBaaS, we leverage our knowledge, and vendor and customer relationships to develop products and ideas that deliver meaningful, practical innovation.

Our company

The Severalnines team members, mostly ex-MySQL AB staff, have dedicated over a decade of their careers helping telcos and high traffic web properties deploy high availability database clusters. Today there are a number of companies claiming to have invented the perfect database clustering solution that can address all types of database requirements. At Severalnines, we have not seen one solution that fits all database problems. But deploying multiple disparate clustering technologies can become a nightmare, with downloaded or home grown scripts combined to create a patchwork solution for monitoring and managing the database infrastructure.
Severalnines is the only one out there giving users a choice of clustering solution, with tools to deploy and manage their databases from a single and consolidated interface. Severalnines tools are easy to use, and have already enabled over 12,000 deployments.



If you’re looking for your next opportunity and want to be a part of an engaged, potent, thriving team, check out our open roles and reach out.


From infrastructure providers to independent service vendors, we collaborate with over 20 partners to ensure that our customers get the most out of their ClusterControl and CCX deployments.


Meet our management team

Our management team is comprised of members with extensive experience in the database and DBaaS market working at some of the most well-known and established brands in the space before starting their journey at Severalnines (or founding Severalnines for that matter)!


Vinay Joosery

CEO and co-founder

Johan Andersson

CTO and co-founder

Alexander Yu

VP Product

Vladimir Cervenka

Head of Engineering

Krzysztof Książek

Director of Support

Simona Lazea

VP Sales

Kyle Buzzell

Director of Marketing