Fulfill all your compliance and security needs using ClusterControl’s automated and configurable security features, including encryption, key management, audit log analysis, and advanced user management.

Learn how to secure your database with ClusterControl’s security features.

Encrypt everything

Encrypt data at transit and rest.

Control access

Control user access with RBAC and LDAP.

Audit logs

Track user authentications and activities with audit logging.

Full-lifecycle operations for the most advanced databases

Bring clusters under ClusterControl’s “control” for completeness via the import process. “Cluster” is any replication environment or cluster using the most popular open-source solutions.

Customizable LDAP Configuration

ClusterControl’s mission is to enrich your current platform in all aspects without sacrificing security requirements. This means integrating with your existing LDAP solution and making it easy to fulfill compliance while deploying clusters and automating failovers.

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We have a large amount of users using ClusterControl, and I want to script some automation scripts around security. Is this possible?

Yes, the s9s CLI utility allows you to script almost anything.

I’ve been tasked with ensuring the data is encrypted. Where can I start?

Have a look at this article on why and where to encrypt your databases, including the pros and cons of encryption and the importance surrounding data sensitivity.

Can ClusterControl handle my SSL certificates, or do I need to integrate an additional key store?

ClusterControl can safely store and manage all your SSL certificate needs, and there are a number of examples of how to do so. It also integrates with your existing LDAP, too. Both solutions are applicable at the same time without any trade-off.

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