Version 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

TimescaleDB is a PostgreSQL data platform extension for time series, events, and analytics. Given that it’s PostgreSQL underneath, together with ClusterControl, be empowered with automatic backup scheduling, high availability via replication, seamless scaling and resizing, automatic node recovery, and much more.


Tech highlights


  • Timescale
  • Operating system provided repository
  • Custom repository binaries

Replication types

  • Standalone
  • Streaming replication

Top features

  • Optimized PG Timescale
  • Reliable scalability
  • Complete DR

TimescaleDB + ClusterControl Independent deployments

Separate your Timescale environment from your PostgreSQL and treat each environment’s specific requirements independently. With ClusterControl, leverage the Timescale’s unique features and make the most of PostgreSQL’s features, too.

Try ClusterControl with Timescale for yourself!

Features list

OSS Licensecheck
Enterprise Licensecheck
Severalnines Supportcheck
Storage Engines
Time seriescheck
Backup & Restorecheck
— Fullcheck
— Incrementalcheck
— Partialcheck
— Restore: PITRcheck
— Clone / Duplicate nodecheck
— Local storagecheck
— Cloud storagecheck
— Encryptioncheck
— Compressioncheck
Cluster creationcheck
— Asynchronous Replicationcheck
— Synchronous Replicationcheck
— Add node / decommissioncheck
SSL/TLS Connectivitycheck
Load Balancer availabilitycheck
Infrastructure manageabilitycheck
— User console accesscheck
— Key Managementcheck
— LDAP integrationcheck
— Audit logcheck
Performance analysis
— Query monitoringcheck
— Operations monitoringcheck
— Custom metrics/thresholdscheck
— Replication lagcheck
Configuration Managementcheck
Database-specific dashboardcheck
Alarms & Error reportingcheck

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PostgreSQL/TimescaleDB (streaming replication/standalone) docs

Cluster Actions docs

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How to Enable TimescaleDB on an Existing PostgreSQL Database

I currently have a PostgreSQL replication environment and want to enable Timescale. Do I have to create a whole new environment for this and then import it into ClusterControl?

No. Just go to the Nodes tab for your existing PG environment and click on the Actions button far right, and you will see the option “Enable TimescaleDB.”

Can ClusterControl deploy and import both PostgreSQL and Timescale or just one and activate the other?

The choice is yours, but yes, you can deploy (create & import) both technologies independently and isolated from the other. And as many as you’d like.

I don’t know anything about PostgreSQL and have to provide a fully managed Timescale replicated environment. How long would it take me to get it deployed?

Once you have at least two servers with just the operating system installed, it would take around 10 minutes (depending on the server resources) to follow the wizard that installs the software and configures each server with the replication setup finished accordingly.

6 easy steps to get started with ClusterControl