Version 4.2 (Percona), 4.4, 5.0, 6.0

Deploy your MongoDB Replica Set with ClusterControl for data redundancy and leverage high availability by deploying shards and completing your data set.


Tech highlights


  • MongoDB
  • MongoDB Enterprise
  • Percona Server for MongoDB
  • Operating system provided repository
  • Custom repository binaries

Replication types

  • ReplicaSet
  • Shards

Top features

  • MongoDB observability
  • Sharding scalability
  • ReplicaSet to shards

MongoDB + ClusterControl Convert MongoDB Replica Set to shards

Convert an existing MongoDB replica set to a sharded cluster by adding Mongos and config servers into the setup with a single click.

Try ClusterControl with MongoDB for yourself!

Features list

OSS Licensecheckcheck
Enterprise Licensecheckcheck
Severalnines Supportcheckcheck
Storage Engines
Time series
Backup & Restorecheckcheck
— Fullcheckcheck
— Incremental
— Partial
— Restore: PITRcheckcheck
— Clone / Duplicate nodecheckcheck
— Local storagecheckcheck
— Cloud storagecheckcheck
— Encryptioncheckcheck
— Compressioncheckcheck
Cluster creationcheckcheck
— Asynchronous Replicationcheckcheck
— Synchronous Replication
— Add node / decommissioncheckcheck
SSL/TLS Connectivitycheckcheck
Load Balancer availability
Infrastructure manageabilitycheckcheck
Security summary
— User console accesscheckcheck
— Key Managementcheckcheck
— LDAP integrationcheckcheck
— Audit logcheckcheck
Performance analysis
— Query monitoringcheckcheck
— Operations monitoringcheckcheck
— Custom metrics/thresholdscheckcheck
— Replication lagcheckcheck
Configuration Managementcheckcheck
Database-specific dashboardcheck
Alarms & Error reportingcheckcheck

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We have MongoDB and Percona Server for MongoDB installations with different versions. Will I have to change any binaries or touch any existing environment before using ClusterControl?

Not at all. We are prepared for both distributions and versions, as seen here.

I’m using MongoDB, MySQL/MariaDB, and PostgreSQL. Can they all be managed and brought under control with ClusterControl?

Absolutely, yes. Then just consolidate and automate all your security and B’n’R strategies across all technologies.

I want to use my cloud MongoDB backups for on-premise restores. Is that possible?

Yes, we focus on hybrid deployments for on-premise and cloud deployments.

6 easy steps to get started with ClusterControl