Bulutistan empowers its customers to take control over the full database lifecycle

Unsatisfied with standard solutions, Bulutistan turned to ClusterControl for advanced database management, ease of deployment and real-time visibility across several database flavors.

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Industry Information Technology
Technologies Galera, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, SQL Server
Datacenters 5
Products ClusterControl


Founded in 2015, Bulutistan is a recognized pioneer in cloud technology, with an impressive 50 percent market share in the Turkish market. Offering groundbreaking cloud computing services from local data centers, Bulutistan maintains compliance with local data sovereignty regulations.

With a strategic focus on providing digital transformation services to its customers, Bulutistan etched its name in history as the fastest-growing Turkish company to integrate into the prestigious Equinix Global Connection (Cloud Exchange) Network and provide first-class service quality and high security offered by the world’s largest cloud service providers.

Today, Bulutistan provides cloud services to more than 350 companies among Turkey’s top 500 largest companies, more than 600 organizations among the top 1000 institutions, and 16 of the top 20 largest holdings.


Bulutistan operates across five data centers in three Turkish provinces, with data centers serving more than 60 countries globally and delivering high-performance, highly available, managed SAP services to its customers.

Bulutistan’s unique challenges prompted the search for an all-in-one solution to manage and maintain its diverse cloud infrastructure. The initial options they found were primarily tailored to individual databases and didn’t address the comprehensive needs of the company.

Ekrem Sekman, Executive Board Member for Bulutistan, explains:

“We needed to provide a robust database management platform solution for our customers so that they can control several aspects of their database lifecycle. We found no solution that could help to solve our issue, as most solutions just focused on one database, and there was no ready-made solution available.”

Bulutistan needed to find a robust database management platform that addressed the complete operations lifecycle, including features like monitoring slow queries and assessing cluster loads to offer its customers.

We found ClusterControl provided more flexibility and a better user experience than any of the other solutions we evaluated.

Ekrem Sekman, Executive Board Member for Bulutistan


Unfortunately, no traditional solutions could meet their specific requirements. Most of the solutions they found were limited in scope, focusing solely on individual databases and lacking comprehensive functionality.

However, they discovered that ClusterControl’s advanced database management and elevated functionality helped to set it apart from the competition. ClusterControl’s ability to manage a broad spectrum of open-source databases, coupled with its user-friendly interface, was found to be the perfect solution. Sekman details:

“We found ClusterControl provided more flexibility and a better user experience than any of the other solutions we evaluated.”


The implementation of ClusterControl became central in helping Bulutistan in its trajectory of continuous growth for a few reasons:

  • Single pane of glass management console – The real-time visibility into database performance through customizable dashboards empowered its clients to optimize their own operations.
  • Cluster management functionality – With the ease of deployment and the enhanced health of its database clusters, maintenance efforts were significantly reduced, freeing resources for more strategic initiatives.
  • Support for multiple database types – ClusterControl gave Bulutistan the ability to manage PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, Redis, and MongoDB databases with a future goal of adding its OpenStack services.

ClusterControl is our go-to product for our database management needs.

Ekrem Sekman, Executive Board Member for Bulutistan



Multiple databases, one console

Bulutistan sought a robust, multi-database platform to help its customers monitor and manage their clusters from a single console.


Alternative solutions were too limited

Standard solutions were unable to meet Bulutistan’s needs, since they were either too limited in databases supported or supported operations.


Full lifecycle ops and a user-focused UX

ClusterControl enables Bulutistan’s customers to address the complete operations lifecycle, providing greater flexibility and an unmatched user experience.

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